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Microfiche - it's not just for libraries anymore!


Hello, Microfiche Lovers!

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“What is that?!”

That is the question you will get when wearing a piece of this jewelry.  It is an attention grabber and conversation starter!  Each pendant is made by hand using tiny images saved on microfiche from a few printed pages of magazines (such as Rolling Stone, Life, Look, Peterson's, Time, etc.) that were originally published as early as 1842 – no two pieces are alike! 

"No piece of jewelry or article clothing I have ever worn has gotten
as much attention as this necklace!"
- a very satisfied customer

"The perfect gift for a librarian or archivist!"




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Microfish Necklace
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How about a birthday gift featuring pages from a Time Magazine that was on the newsstands the day they were born?!
Or pages from a Rolling Stone Magazine featuring their favorite performer?!
Contact me and we can come up with something fabulous!
(Note:  Not all magazines available in all years)

A bit about microfiche:

If you say the word “microfiche” to anyone of a certain age, images come to mind of sitting in the Public Library in front of a clunky machine, turning knobs, focusing while zooming in and out, and getting dizzy from magnified images sliding past on a large viewing screen.

Libraries began using microfilm in the mid-20th century as a preservation strategy for deteriorating newspaper collections. As a space saving effort, periodicals and textbooks were also transferred onto microfiche.  However, in this digital age, microfiche has gone the way of the rotary dial phone.

 Wear a piece of history!